Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It's one of the banes of my life that my husband won't eat tuna pasta.  Tuna pasta is bloody lovely, plus it's cheap, filling and full of protein and carbs and general good stuff.

Bloody husband!

I amdetermined to feed it to the snarflings though, so tonight's dinner effort was something of a convertadinner - tuna pasta for them, pasta bake with creamy tomato sauce and bacon for us.  This is how I did it!

Make 1 quantity basic tomato sauce, and cook a pack of pasta.

When the sauce is thick and bubbling, turn off the heat and add 1/2 a tub of creme fraiche.  

Hive off 4 serving spoons of the cooked pasta into a bowl.  Add 1 tin of drained tuna chunks* and 1/2 a tin of drained chickpeas.  Put the rest in a tub in the fridge for future adventures - I'm making dhal tomorrow so my lonely chickpeas will be happy to be squished into that.  Add enough of the creamy tomatoey sauce to coat.  Pop into bowls, sprinkle with grated cheese, serve to ravening snarflings.

Now, onto the grownup dinner.

Snip 6 rashers of good quality smoked bacon into strips, and fry in a little olive oil until crisp.  Refresh the pasta with some boiling water from the kettle, shake dry, and tip into an oven dish.  Mix in the bacon and the rest of the creamy sauce.  Top with grated cheese and bake for 15 minutes in a hot oven until the cheese is golden.  This is more than enough for two, you will have leftovers, which can be frozen or portioned up for lunch the following day.  I send the husbeast off to work with leftovers in a tupperware box, because that's just the kind of amazing, nurturing wife I am.

* - Tuna tip - I like a bargain but not at the expense of the environment. Sainsbury's basics tuna chunks in brine, also their regular own brand tinned tuna, is fished by pole and line instead of trawling, which is less harmful to the environment and other marine life, is dolphin friendly, and it's only 45p a tin!

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