Thursday, 10 November 2011

Curry in a...

..complete lack of hurry.

I love my slowcooker, and would recommend anyone who doesn't have one to run their ass to their nearest electrical retailer and pick one up, especially now that we're in the grip of autumn and hurtling towards winter.

This chicken curry is probably about as authentically Indian as the 'Indian Elephant' my daughter made out of a milk carton the other week, but it is tasty-good and brilliant for those nights when you're busy all day and just want something warm and slightly indulgent that you can eat five minutes after stumbling through the door.  Packets of heat and eat rice for such emergency moments are a storecupboard staple.

Chicken thighs stand up so much better to slowcooking than chicken breasts (in my not so humble opinion).  They're also cheaper and contain more iron.  You can substitute out any veg you don't like, and likewise add in some you do, or add halved baby new potatoes and dispense with rice altogether.

Serves 4 adults generously, or 2 adults and 2 snarflings with leftovers for worky lunches.  Scale down, or cook a batch and freeze some in portions, if you're feeding fewer.

Mango chicken curry

Approx 8 large chicken thigh fillets, skinless and boneless
2-3 peppers of any colour
half a punnet of baby closed cup mushrooms, rinsed
half a jar of Pataks Korma curry paste
Large can (approx 800g) mango puree/pulp*
sachet / 1/4 standard block creamed coconut
teaspoon each of mustard seeds and black onion seeds, not essential if you don't have them.

Snip the thighs into about 4 pieces each, using kitchen scissors.  Roughly chop the peppers.

Throw all ingredients into a slowcooker and cook on low for 7-8 hours.  Serve with rice, naan bread, or whatever you fancy.

Yes,the curry paste in a jar is a bit cheaty, but when you're trying to feed two children breakfast, pack a lunch, fill in school trip permission slips and find a clean polo shirt, you don't always want to be blending 14 different types of spice.  Just sayin'.

* Sainsbury's does an own-brand of this in an 822g can.  I've also bought Indian-branded cans of the same size in Asda, or check Indian grocers.

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